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portfolio: advertising
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  • CaliforniaChoice Healthcare Plans Ad Concepts
  • Gemini Air Group Spread Ad for Modern Luxury Scottsdale Magazine (Orignial photography by Leno Marin)
  • Gemini Air Group Page Ad for </br>Modern Luxury Scottsdale </br>Magazine (Orignial photography </br>by Leno Marin)
  • Silk Software Imagine Conference Program Ad
  • CaliforniaChoice 51+ Healthcare Plans Ad Concepts
  • VitalStream Spread Ad for Streaming Media Magazine
  • MDK 2 Page Ad
  • MDK 2 Spread Ad
  • Vista Verde Community Ads for Pulte Homes
  • Queen Bee Page Ad
  • VitalStream Spread Ad for Streaming Media West
  • Super Robot Taisen Ad Concept
  • Wild Wild Racing Page Ad
  • Fallout 2 Spread Ad
  • Baldur's Gate Tales of the Sword Coast Page Ad
  • Giants Spread Ad
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